Some Physical Sources of Emotional Symptoms

For mood disorders check for hormone issues, brain tumors, brain trauma, nutritional issues and sleep problems and all internal and external chemical exposures or withdrawals just before the problem manifested.

Hormone issues:

See a family doctor to rule out thyroid issues.

See an endocrinologist to get a complete examination of other hormones.

Birth control pills can result in (among other things, including stroke) depression, a decrease in libido and suppressed orgasm. Consider another contraceptive approach.


Brain tumors:

Get a CAT scan, or whatever diagnostic procedure is being currently used for this purpose.


Brain trauma:

Consider hyperbaric oxygen therapy.


Nutritional issues:


It is difficult to determine what diet is healthy with so much conflicting information now available. Try to eat unprocessed food. This means fresh fruits and vegetables plus fish and identifiable muscle or organ meat. Check for gluten problems. Do your own research on healthy diet. Read Nutrition and Your Mind by George Watson (1972).


Sleep problems:

If appropriate, get a deviated septum corrected.

Try a dental device which results in slight re-positioning of the jaw as you sleep. It may be more comfortable than a CPAP.  This does not have to be expensive. Something as simple as an overnight retainer to prevent tooth grinding might be adequate. This may reduce snoring and open airways for better oxygen supply as you sleep. Ask your doctor to prescribe an overnight oxygen saturation test to insure the device is helping.

Get a better pillow.


Chemicals: Internal and External

List any and all medications taken or discontinued shortly before the problem manifested. Even if the emotional symptom is not listed as a potential side-effect, you can test by stopping (or resuming) the drug to clearly determine whether or not it is the source of the problem. Check with your doctor to see if temporarily stopping the drugs for testing is safe. Consider air fresheners, perfumes (including those in personal products, house cleaning products and laundry products), pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, and mothballs, gasses from new carpeting and new heavily upholstered furniture and residues from dry cleaned clothes.


Spermicidal contraceptives (e.g., condoms, foams and gels) sometimes can depress orgasmic ability in both men and women. Your odds of learning about this from a health-care professional are astronomical. Consider use of a non-spermicidal condom or the Billings Method (Billings Ovulation Method) or the Natural Family Planning method. See Google for information on these methods.  


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